Holiday Stroll

Birmingham is a large and bustling city. It has a proud history as England's engine of growth during the heady days of the Industrial Revolution when factories were built left and right. Unfortunately, much of the grand buildings of that era had been destroyed in World War II though some fine examples of architecture still survive to this day. The city suffered from neglect for a time but the last few decades have seen its remarkable revival into a great modern metropolis. It may not be as picturesque as London and other quintessential English towns but it has its own charm.

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Events In and Around Birmingham

Tourists who are looking for a great event birmingham celebrates will actually find quite a handful. During the month of November, there is an annual Bonfire Night at Pype Hayes Park. Its highlight is a free fireworks display with this year's theme being the world of Disney. Music, competitions, and other performances will entertain the spectators while they wait for the big show. Then there is the Cadbury World Heritage Weekend that should be a wonderful treat for the whole family. The famous chocolate maker has prepared lots of fun activities for kids of all ages.

Christmas Is In the Air

After Halloween, Birmingham shifts its focus to the Christmas celebrations. There will be a parade organized by the city council featuring Father Christmas and his Elves on November 9th. It will start from Victoria Square and make its way around the heart of the city before coming back. Coming along with them are the three wise men on real camels and a traditional nativity scene. There will also be beloved children's storybook characters such as Aladdin, Peter Pan, Snow White, Jack Frosts, Snowmen, Fire Bird, and even a Polar Express. The best vantage points include sections of Temple Row, Bull Street, and Temple Row West.

Art in the City

Birmingham is famous for having world class museums and art galleries. Aston Hall, an early 17th century Jacobean mansion, contains artworks and interior dcor of the period. The Birmingham Museum Art Gallery presents some of the local history, modern art, and Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Sarehole Mill, an 18th century structure, is an excellent example of what water mills looked like back then. It is said to have influenced the design of The Shire from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Thinktank, meanwhile, is an advanced science museum that provides lots of hands-on experience for visitors. On display are several vehicles and industrial machines.

Nightlife, Sports and Other Activities

There are a number of universities in Birmingham so the youth culture is alive and well. There are plenty of bars and clubs that cater to the student population as well as exclusive venues for the well-heeled. For sports fans, there is Villa Park which is home to the famous football club of Aston Villa. Golfers can enjoy a round at The Belfry while speed buffs can test their driving skills at Grand Prix Karting. Lastly, there's the Drayton Manor theme park which has lots of fun rides and a sprawling zoo.