Holiday Stroll

The annual holiday stroll, Red Wing provides entertainment for the entire family. The event, usually in Minnesota attracts a large crowd and therefore provides a great networking opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about the importance of networking. Overall the annual holiday stroll provides a greater variety of people to interact with and therefore, if you have a business, the festival would be an ideal place to pitch in to some investors albeit local or international. So what do you expect during the festival?

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Santa Claus

Children love presents and this festival provides an amusement and satisfaction for children of different ages by having Santa around. Sometimes, he is accompanied by Mrs Claus. This will keep the children busy for a while and some of them will be marvelled by the stories of Santa as well as receive some gifts. If the engaging Santa stories do not engage the children, surely the funny side of him will keep their ribs active.

Tree display

Since the annual festival takes place just when the Christmas period is setting in, it would be a pity not to have Christmas trees on display. The trees vary size and decorations. The attendees have the discretion of voting for the best decorated tree in the vicinity. The trees are also auctioned at the end of the festival and therefore you may take home your dream Christmas tree ahead of the festivities.


The festival usually starts early in the morning with a sumptuous breakfast. During the day, the people in attendance are left to stroll around and engage in some activities. However, most of the activities kick off late in the evening. You may therefore do something else during the day and then attend the festival later on. Usually the event takes places on a Friday and therefore you need not worry about staying up too late. You should let go and have some fun with your friends and family.


The shops have a competition on the best display. This attracts a lot of people since you get to see the diverse creativity of the people of Red Wing Minnesota at play. Besides this, the cookie decoration will keep you busy for part of the evening. If not so, the horse-draws sleigh rides and the live reindeers will keep you active. You can dance yourself away to the live music playing.

If you have some cash to spend, you may go on a shopping spree for the entire evening. The shops in this area receive very many clients during the festival. You may buy presents for your friends and family during this great day. You are rest assured that you will get a great deal on the majority of items on sale. The nativity scene is also screened severally at the Christ Episcopal Church for all the interested parties to enjoy.

If you would like to enjoy an old-fashioned Christmas celebration, you should make a point of attending this festival with your family. It will give you a chance to enjoy a number of outdoor activities, eat some delicious food and enjoy your holidays fully.